Property Tax Calculator

Calculate estimated tax and notary fees for buying and selling, grants and inheritance of property

Costs You Need to Prepare


For Buying :

  • Land area on the Certificate & PBB if different, then use the larger one
  • If Transaction Value > NJOP, then the number is calculated using: (Transaction Value - 80 million) x 5%
  • If Transaction Value =/< NJOP, then the number is calculated using : NJOP x 30%

For Grants :

  • The value of NJOP can be found in PBB
  • Grant Tax is paid by Grant Recipient (SSB)
  • If the Grant Giver already has a SKB, then there is no need to pay PPh to the Grantee
  • Must have a family relationship between grantee and grantee


• The calculation results of the calculator above are only as an illustration of the magnitude (more or less) taxes and fees can be estimated for selling purposes buy, inherit and grant land. For more accurate results, you can attach a copy of the certificate, pbb and proof of payment for the current year and documents other supporters to the team.

• Buyer and Seller Tax Calculation, Validation Fee, Land Value Zone and State Treasury Transfer of Names is an official fee that will be deposited to the State. Proof of payment of taxes will be submitted to the Client together with the completed certificate document.

The calculation of buying and selling a house is not limited to paying the purchase fee or receiving the purchase money, but there are still other costs you have to take into account.

Your position as a buyer or seller, both will be taxed. If you are a seller, then you will be subject to income tax (PPh) on the land and houses you sell. As your buyer will be subject to Land and Building Rights Acquisition Duty (BPHTB).

Calculate Tax and Notary Fees

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