What is a Business Visa?

An Indonesian business visa is a specific kind of visa that enables visitors to enter the country and engage in business-related activities, such as attending meetings, negotiating deals, or taking part in trade shows.

It normally lasts for a year, however it can be extended if necessary for a longer period of time. A current passport, a letter of invitation from an Indonesian business, and proof of enough financial resources are needed in order to apply for a business visa in Indonesia.

When will you need a Business Visa in Indonesia?

Foreign nationals holding an Indonesian single-entry or multiple-entry business visa are allowed to attend business meetings, make purchases, and even negotiate future business partnerships.

You should keep in mind, nevertheless, that these Indonesian visas do not allow you to work and earn money. You must have a work permit from Indonesia to conduct this.

What is the difference between a single and multiple entry Business Visa in Indonesia?

A single entry business visa usually has a stay limit of up to 60 days and permits the holder to enter Indonesia just once for that time. For those who simply need to enter Indonesia once for a brief business trip, this sort of visa is appropriate.

In comparison, a multiple entry business visa allows the holder to repeat entries into Indonesia within a set period of time. This type of visa, which typically has a one-year validity, is appropriate for travelers who must visit Indonesia on several occasions for business.

Who can get a Business Visa in Indonesia?

Foreign people who intend to conduct business activities in Indonesia, such as attending meetings, negotiating contracts, or taking part in trade shows, can apply for a business visa.

What are the requirements to get a Business Visa?


Have a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia.


Provide a letter of invitation from an Indonesian company or organization.


Provide evidence of sufficient financial means to support your stay in Indonesia.


Have a confirmed return or onward ticket.


Provide proof of medical insurance coverage.

What is the difference between Short-Term Visit Visa and Long-Term Stay Visa?

Long-Term Stay and Short-Term Visit Visa Depending on their intended use for the visa and the length of their stay, foreign citizens can apply for one of two types of visas in Indonesia.

The Short-Term Visit Visa is appropriate for tourists, business travelers, or people visiting friends and relatives in Indonesia. It is normally good for stays up to 60 days. This kind of visa only permits a single admission into the nation and is not valid for the conduct of any business.

On the other hand, a long-term stay visa is meant for foreign people who intend to remain in Indonesia for a longer amount of time, usually for work or education. This kind of visa permits repeated entry into the nation and may be valid for up to a year. Foreign people normally need to show proof of employment or enrollment in an educational institution in Indonesia in order to apply for a long-term stay visa.

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Business Visa.

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Work & Stay Permit

Business Visa

  • Multiple Entry
  • Single Entry
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Temporary Stay Permit Card


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Permanent Stay Permit Card


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Company Registration

General representative office


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Limited liability company


  • Approval of company name
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  • Deed of Establishment
  • Company Tax Registration Number (NPWP)
  • Business Registration Number (NIB)
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Business Address + Limited liability company


  • Approval of company name
  • Minute of the Deed of Establishment
  • Ratification from MOLHR on Deed of Establishment
  • Deed of Establishment
  • Company Tax Registration Number (NPWP)
  • Business Registration Number (NIB)
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Tax Accounting

Accounting Services

  • Monthly & Annual Bookkeping
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Ledger
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Employee Tax and Payroll Management

  • Payroll & overtime pay
  • Commissions
  • Employee Tax
  • Others
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Tax Reporting

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  • E-Filling
  • E-Billing
  • Others
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    • Tax Advisory
    • Tax Calculation
    • 1770 / 1770 S / 1770 SS Tax Notification
    • E-Filling
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Corporate Secretary

LKPM Reporting

is a report on the progress of investment realization and problems faced by business actors that must be prepared and submitted periodically. For medium and large scale business actors, they are required to report LKPM every 3 months.

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Amendment of notarial deed

  • Change of company name
  • Change in officers
  • Change in address
  • Change in business activity
  • Distribution of dividends
  • Others
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1 How do foreigners do business in Indonesia?

Foreigners may not do business with their own name in Indonesia. So, in order to do business in Indonesia, they need a partner to set up a company.

2What should I prepare to set up a company?

Once the foreigners have at least 1 partner and decide their business, they can register their company with just their passports.

4 Do we need an Indonesian partner?

Since G20 2022, Indonesia has relaxed and allow foreigners to have full ownership of many businesses so there will be no issue with Indonesian partners.

5 I want to live in Indonesia, how can I get the permit?

To live in Indonesia, there are several ways. The two most favourites are by having an Investor KITAS or with a second home visa. We can assist you in applying for both.

6 Do I need to bring in a lot of money to live in Indonesia?

Each of the permits have different requirements, if you are an investor of a company, you need to only show the company bank account balance.


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